Silcare ONVISION instructional videos


Snake skin - stylization Beata Sliwinska
How to make Snake Skin?
A few simple steps and basic products is enough to enjoy this trendy decoration.


GoC 4D hybrid gel - Lace nails - stylization Beata Sliwinska
Lace styling using the new line of The Garden of Color hybrid 4D gel.
The Garden of Colour 4D hybrid gel


Valentine's Day - stylization Daria Deptula
Valentine's Day Inspirations using Color it Premium and Powder Effect Powder Chrome are the perfect combination for a unique effect.


Base One Magnetic Chameleon gel - stylization Julita Kryst
Novelty on the market.
Stunning interfusion of the Cat Eye Effect and the shine of nail color changing depending on the light angle.


The Garden of Colour Cat Eye hybrid gel - stylization Julita Kryst
15 gorgeous colours from hybrid line The Garden of Colour Cat Eye hybrid gel with magnetic colouration and properties. Cat eye effect on nails delights with original colour transitions, which draw attention of other people!
The following shades of hybrid gels have been used in this film, The Garden of Colour Cat Eye: 02, 04, 06, 07, 10, 14.


Effect Powder - stylization Julita Kryst
Different dimension of nail design!
We present four kinds of the Effect Powder, which is the powder with incredible effect when applied on nails. Thanks to them, you can create unique nail stylizations.
Available colours:
Mirror, Vintage Gold, Chrome, Opal Mirror


Base One Paint Gel - stylization Marta Schulmann
A collection of unique gels for decorating nails, Base One Paint Gel Line consists of 20 saturated colours with a deep, intensive pigment.
These products have strongly covering properties and thick consistency, which make them great for many techniques of decorating nails, for example, one stroke or zhostovo. They enable performing precise designs, unique patterns, leaving your nails always look beautiful.


Wedding decorations - stylizations Julita Kryst



Pure Line Sugar Effect gel - stylizations Julita Kryst
Pure Line Sugar Effect is a perfectly white gel for decorating nails, which in combination with colour acrylic or fine glitter imitates sugar coating. Your nails and hands will look spectacular. The gel guarantee unique 3 D effect and high comfort of work. You can use it to create expressive designs or small details with great precision.


Prismatic Effect Nail Liquid - stylizations Katarzyna Wolny
In a glass bottle of 15 ml capacity with a brush, there has been closed a product, which will become Your best friend in making extraordinary nail designs. Show how you can play with colours in sunlight. Very subtle effect of nails sparkling in rainbow colours is an ideal way for delicate, but decided underlying the beauty of your hands. With every move of your hand – you can see unique and stunning impression. Holographic effect looks beautiful with hybrid gel manicure, gel nails or nail polish.


Base One Cat Eye gel - stylizations Katarzyna Wolny
Base One Cat Eye are unique UV gels with magnetic colouration and properties. Nails with Cat Eye effect beautifully glow, enchant with original transition of colours and attract attention like cat’s pupils. With Base One Cat Eye gel and a special magnet in only five seconds you will create Cat Eye effect on your nails, which changes its location depending on the light angle and hand position.


Transfer foil - stylizations Przemyslaw Janus
Transfer foil intended for nail art. Adds a metallic-holographic effect in stylizations. The film can be put on the whole nail, or create shimmering patterns. It can be used for decorating the natural plate, tips, as well as the original gel and hybrid techniques.


Hybrid Gel Easy Off
Hybrid gel Easy Off is a guarantee of perfect quality and great final effect. Hybrid is a product of peel off type, which enable its quick removal. Pallet of 55 colors will satisfy even the most demanding women, who choose ideal color on the basis of its intensity and expressiveness. The product combines properties of gel UV and classic nail polish.


Hybrid Gel Easy Off - Removal
By developing a special formula, there was created peel off type hybrid, which enable its quick removal. After soaking in acetone for 1 minute, hybrid will come off nail, without violating the nail plate. Remains are removed with the wooden stick.


Base One Artisto
Base One Artisto Nail Art gels are 20 colors of the most popular gels Base One Color. Their thin consistency allows you to create unique designs on nails, and thin brush allows for precise finish styling. Expressive and strong colors make your hands work of art. Exclusive, black, matt packaging presents perfectly in every exhibition.


3D Silicone mold for nail decorations
3D Silicone mold for nail decorations It is an innovative, very easy and practical way to prepare interesting decorations on the nails. Accurate and precise depressions are filled with colored acrylic or gel. Forms are reusable, so it can create any number of ornaments. Made of soft and flexible silicone ensures maximum working comfort.


Base One Neon UV Gel
Let yourself be seen by the neon colors gels Base One. Chic, eye-catching, heavily pigmented colors will make no one will go near you indifferent.

Medium-thick, self-leveling gel made on the basis of color line of Base One gels. Has fluorescent pigment: neon and cryptolite, which makes it shine in the UV light.


Gel method
Nail extensions gel method now has many followers. Primarily because of the ease and speed of application of the gel material.
Gel technique can be used both to model the natural nail and the nail on tips or form.


Acrylic method
Presentation of manicure performance in acrylic technique
Acrylic has many supporters mainly from the stylists. The technique acrylic is appreciated and often used in the championship Nail Art., because of the specificity of the method, ease of ornamentation and effects that we can get.