Silcare show affiliate program which aims to create a network of salons recognized in the market as living patronage Silcare. Join the program will was associated with close cooperation with the largest  manufacturer of nail care products  Silcare. Joining the program beauty salon will be associated with a well-know recognized brand quality cosmetics  brand Silcare available throughout the country ,as well as Europe,and Asia and the USA. Recognition is the basis of profit growth. Why cooperate with us? Because we provide a nationwide promotion of any living room Sponsorship Silcare on simplified file-transferring www.silcare.pl, in the journal "Silcare Magazine", as well as at national and local advertising campaigns Silcare brands such as:

  • participation in local events,
  • participation in fairs national and local,
  • nationwide advertising campaigns and local radio stations including,
    billboards and urban communication.

We have substantive knowledge base needed when opening, running and developing Silcare Salon patronage. Management system backed by 10 years of experience, as well as legal knowledge attach a compendium of knowledge contained in the ready-to-use regulations, contracts and orders, ie. The position of the lease agreement for beauticians and stylists, cleaning rules, the system will resell the products, general internal regulations: management visits customers to active sales regulations, assessment, estimation of  safety guidelines for contacts with SANEPID.

We offer a full suite of carefully prepared and developed graphical materials promoting Salon Patron Silcare and support their functioning - business cards, business card holders, price lists, tickets for the next visit, vouchers for customers Basic, Lux, Superior. Our graphic department is able to perform a professional interior design Exhibition Sponsorship Silcare, website, as well as well as car scrapbooks.

Salon Patron Silcare an extraordinary offer of cooperation within the partnership and the ability of Member prestige and brand recognition Silcare. Salon Patron Silcare not compete with other existing patronage Silcare Salon. Partnership is a nationwide chain of stores cooperating with each other, supportive, and developing mutually. The more the creation of such stores, the more customers will benefit from them. Let us remember that it is important for the customer brand loyalty. Prestige, universality, the general availability of the brand strengthens the bond with the customer brand. That is why it is so important to Beauty umbrella Silcare were each other's business partner. Silcare savings and resale of products that are of high quality at a very affordable price. This results in the possibility of using relatively inexpensive nail services in return offering high quality, durability, service and customer satisfaction.


All interested please contact us at the address szkolenia@silcare.com