1. Why do my nails turn yellow?

 Causes of yellowing of a natural nail plate may be a few, such as smoking, nail disorder, mechanical discoloration that can appear after contact with the pigment contained in fruits, vegetables, fabrics and color nail polish. While lesions require specialist dermatologist advice, luckily almost any discoloration can be successfully overcome. A very good whitening preparation for nails (both natural, gel and acrylic nails) is Silcare ® White Smart preparation. Perfectly suited for all types of plates, is gentle and does not cause allergy. Its whitening properties are based on an active oxygen. It also contains panthenol, which has a soothing effect. Just apply a thin layer of product on the plate, wait for about 1 minute and remove with the swab. Stronger yellowing you can slightly wipe off with fine block for polishing nails. Please remember later to always smooth nail plate with soft file and apply conditioner appropriate to the type of plate, such as Vitamin Bomb Silcare ® and for healthy color effects, you can use Silcare ® Garden of Color polish No. 10.  To prevent further yellowing it is worth protect nails every day or colorless with a layer of milk conditioner e.g. Nail Hardener Silcare ®. Under the polish color you always need to use the primer layer called base coat, e.g. Silcare® Pro Vita. Care activities carried out regularly will allow enjoy healthy and beautiful nails.

2. Are artificial nails damage natural nails?

  Applied to natural nails gel or acrylic a polymer are mass. Natural nails which are covered it are protected from external injuries. Correctly applied gel mass regularly replenished should not cause any mechanical damage to natural nails.

3. How to take care of nails after removing a tips?

  The basis is a professional removing of tips. Do not detach them by force from the nail. It breaks the surface of a natural part of plate. Making a professional manicure is the next step in the proceeding after removing tips. In addition, applying conditioner in the polish every day to strenghten nails. During the first period of growing the nail after removing tips free edge of the nail should be kept as short as possible.

4. Do my natural nails have to be long to make a french manicure?

 Profesional stylist  will be able to adequately make French Manicure for any length of nail plate.

5. Is it possible to be allergic to UV gel?

UV gel is polymer resin cured in a UV lamp. It is intended to come into contact with the natural nail plate. After curing shows no further reaction. Very few are the people who are sensitive to UV gel.

6. Which acts and regulations regulate cosmetic industry?

  • THE ACT of 30 March 2001 on cosmetics
  • COUNCIL DIRECTIVE of 27 July 1976 on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to cosmetic products (76/768/EEC)
  • REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND THE COUNCIL (EC) No 1223/2009 of 30 November 2009 on cosmetic products

7. What are components of the Dossier for cosmetic products?

     - the qualitative and quantitative composition of a cosmetic, if it’s aromatic composition – its name or number and supplier’s name and adress,
     - physicochemical and microbiological specifications of materials and final products and criteria of microbiological cleaning’s control of cosmetic,
     - the description of  production’s methods according to good production practice,
     - the evaluation of cosmetic’s influence on the human health’s safety considering toxicological profile of components, their chemical structure and the grade of contact with human body and also name and adress person in charge of this evaluation; the evaluation consider quality of places, where cosmetics will be used or target group, which will use the product, particularly cosmetics allocated only to external intimate hygiene and for children under 3. years of age,
    - the existing data about adverse effects for human health, rised as a result of using cosmetic,
    - documented results of research about cosmetic’s action, if it is necessary because of reactions to cosmetic, which were declared,
    - the data concerning all animal tests made by producer, his representative or suppliers while rating cosmetic’s or its component influence on human health; this requirement apply to tests, which are obligatory to fulfil the conditions of countries from beyond the European Union.