Silcare Education is a section of our corporaion trainin and educate young stylists. Many years of experience and constant desire to deepen their knowledge brought us to the point in which we decided to enter the world of education. Since the beginning of the school year 2014/2015, we began to work with schools and cosmetic colleges lecturing of the following methods:

  • Silcare UV Gel System - Basic,
  • Sequent Silcare Acrylic System - Basic,
  • Hybrid Silcare The Garden of Color + Silcare Fiberglass Basic,
  • Silcare Fun - ornamentation,



We offer two lectures on any topic, which until now was difficult for students or doubts. Offered  our lectures are a unique opportunity to witness first  hand the range produced by Silcare. Trener  Silcare "step by step" explains how to perform each nail, doing  it to the model's. Presents products that are used during the lecture, explaining the characteristics and use of these products, explains and shows how it performs each step of the preparation of the nail (cleaning, sawing), impose appropriate preparations and comprehensively presents the technique of nail coat chemical components needed to achieve the final effect a particular method nail .Every  styling lecture participant may at any time can ask Trainer that his question was immediately dispelled. Enable  continuous communication with the student teachers because we want to coach and his skills have been the most used by the students.

We have professional technology electronic presentation conducted lectures. With multi-function camera and projector image styling done is displayed on the screen in high magnification and high resolution. This enables accurate observation of all listeners from different distances all stages nail.

Lecture always begins with a brief presentation of the company Silcare, in order to approximately listeners brand Silcare  and "world of nail" This information pertains to the position of the company Silcare in Poland, the scope of production, range of commercial activities, service and training course. Often meet with great surprise the audience on huge successes Silcare in each of these areas. It helps us to gain the trust of the students who are willing to draw handed them our knowledge related to long-term practice.

We have created a training program for high school students cosmetic use our free of lectures. Program this is to practice and workshops but not so far in the lectures. Training is paid, but unreachable low price on the market.

3metod concerns UV GEL SYSTEM BASIC SYSTEM BASIC ACRYLIC Sequent, THE GARDEN OF HYBRID COLOR and Ends issued  certified under the Regulation of the Minister of Education and Minister of Labour and Social Policy (Dz.U.1993poz.472) Certificates certify the acquisition of skills and empower you to work as a nail stylist throughout the world.

We provide our students with the purchase of a certificate for taking part in a lecture at any styling nail. Gathering  all certificates indicated a willingness, meringue development, gaining experience and deepening knowledge. Future clients of beauty salons and I honestly believe that the Salon patronage Silcare opened fresh learned by students, surely bestow them great confidence to see a collection of certificates from numerous lectures and training by Silcare –specialist  in their field

Each student receives gratuitous lectures from us single coupon with 10% discount on products Silcare, and each participant became a discount of 7% for the products Silcare.

Our goal is to be in every school and teach future stylists gained knowledge and work experience .We will  heavy and ambitious endeavor to beauty school students and schools with the direction of cosmetic finished them with a unique certificate and won the job.

We invite you to cooperate with all schools with an educational program directed to future beauticians and experienced trainers Silcare nail stylists who want to be coached Silcare.

We invite you also to look at the previous lectures.

For more information please contact our Training and Patronage Salons Manager:

Silcare Education Department